Maryse Gauthier

IT Analyst / Self-taught Acrylic Painter

I’m Maryse, a self-taught Canadian surrealist acrylic painter captivated by the mind’s tapestry. Influenced by dreams, visions, and personal growth, my work explores the subconscious with vivid imagery. I work in IT and am passionate about design, psychology, and improving lives.

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About Me

My Story

For 23 years, I worked in restaurants to learn human interactions, feeling disconnected and alien.
After many struggles and a schizoaffective disorder diagnosis, I opened a restaurant and found my passion for creativity and problem-solving.

In 2017, after selling the restaurant and facing an immune disease, I tackled my fear of painting.

This artistic expression became a powerful way to interact with people. It is my universe where mental imagery comes alive, where fear meets hope, terror meets curiosity, and pain meets reconciliation.

You’re invited into this realm of sparse words for a journey of astonishment and captivation, connecting you to your insights, meaning, and human wholesomeness.