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Transformative Art

Cosmic and Dreamlike!

Michael McGuffin Full Professor and Researcher at ÉTS Montreal

I got a framed paper print of ‘Patient Expansion’.

Amoritz's art evokes a kind of darkness that doesn't quite scare the viewer
but instead invites us to play, lose a bit of balance, and drift on the edge of a dream.
She is an original spirit weaving a unique tapestry of the subconscious made visible.

Rare Authentic Experience

Jennifer Joy Jackson Nkansah Counselor and Therapist

Interview to extract the essence of a custom art piece.

I am excited to see what presented itself to your mind as we talked. Our interview revealed some deep truths, vulnerability and openness from me. I rarely have the opportunity or invitation to share this part of my life, my essence. I appreciate the time we shared.

Human Mortality

David Kaspar New York Philosphy Professor

I got a metal print of ‘Glimmer of Life’.

Maryse Gauthier’s ‘Glimmer of Life’ presents a fresh perspective on human mortality. Its eerily warm skull is teeming with vitality. I know that this work shall serve as my very own memento mori.

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