It's so nice for you to come by!

I'm Maryse, a Canadian acrylic surrealist painter.

As a passionate artist of the mind, I love showcasing it's complexities via powerful imagery inspired by dreams, sponteneous mental visions, hallucinations, personal growth stories and impactful interactions.

Painting is to me an amazing communication and connection channel but also a therapy ally that has propelled my growth, unveiling my authentic self. 

You will find in my artwork recurrent symbols representing my core values. 

I am avide to move people towards their own authenticity by using my art to honor the beauty and power of genuine living.


I'm inspired by psychology themes, mostly through life experiences. I've always been curious to understand the human mind, motivated with the desire to find solutions to breakthrough mental blocks and trauma. I yearned to see others, and myself, thrive in all areas of life. My art reflects this quest and gained insights.


I discovered that the practice of painting is therapeutic and helps me progress in my personal development. The creative process plays a role in my therapy that helps solve difficult mental issues and understand my emotions. They carry profound meaning that others can also enjoy with their own perspective.


My art motive is to inspire a musing experience on key themes calling to connect with your true-self and express your authenticity. Embracing your truth reveals your natural awesomeness with the most generous connections and contribution in life. I wish to highlight YOUR true-self for you fulfillment and joy.

The First Art Request

In June 2017, I saw an endocrinologist for the first time and after some blood tests, he diagnosed Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease causing hypothyroidism.

I like to believe that he is the best specialist in the field of thyroid illnesses because he does a lot of research, and instead of treating me with synthroid, he suggested we do treat this disease with diet. He asked that I avoid all food containing gluten, dairy and soy. 

He said it would be longer to get back to normal and I might experience unstability with my good results, but it would be far more beneficial on the long term. I accepted with enthusiasm.

With gradual improvements, I managed to get normal blood tests two years later, in June 2019 and felt so fortunate to have experienced this journey!

On that first visit, my endocrinologist casually asked about my activities. I told him I started painting 4 months previous and showed him a few art project pictures.

He really liked the way I perceived and illustrated ideas and said he wanted to be my first paid customer. 

He inquired if I would accept to create a painting to illustrate thyroid illnesses. I never expected such a thing and accepted while being while being stunned by his request feeling that he placed a full trust in what I would be coming up with!

It took what felt forever to come up with something and then make it, but I was able to deliver the work by the end of 2018. 

It was a new craft fueled by an active imagination in a tired health recovering body, so for all accounts, it's not too bad!

Closphère: Album cover Painting

Here is one of the pictures I showed my doctor four months after I started painting.

Another user of the therapy center I attend was looking for someone to illustrate his new electronic album "Closphère" and placed an announcement in the art workshop. I figured I could volunteer for this intriguing experience because the worst that could happen is that I wouldn't  find anything fun to create.

I'm glad I did because it has been a fabulous experience! So much that I accepted to illustrate his 2nd album!

Psychological Auto-Portrait

Another picture I showed him is this drawing of how I felt mentally, which was also influenced by my physical condition.

My doctor seemed both shocked, horrified and amazed by the symbolism in this drawing. At least, that's what I felt from his reaction. It's peculiar to look at it today after all I worked through, knowing how I felt then and how far I've come!

Thyroid Madness

Here is the art piece I created for my endocrinologist that I named "Thyroid Madness"

I agreed to create a painting to represent thyroid ilnesses while be affected by Hashimoto's thyroiditis myself and at the beginning of my recovery journey. I felted exhausted and no type of rest helped to feel better. My main activity was taking walks and resting. My fatigue made it difficult to read or attempt anything demanding intellectual efforts. I had to let go of all pressure. However, it was in a way liberating because I used to be extremely exigeant towards myself, pushing past my limits, and still pushing as much as I could. Hitting this extreme felt like a permission to rest and letting go.

I enjoyed meditative time in nature absorbing the calmness and drawing inspiration from it's beauty and awesomeness.

How Painting Came In My World

In February 20, 2017, I decided to celebrate by 40 years by doing something I feared. I dreaded drawing and painting quite intensely, hence my choice to tackle this phobia.

I discovered "Paint Nite" events. They happen in bars or restaurants, and are 2-hour events where you choose the event for the painting that will be featured at that date and place. I rather made my choice for the proximity of the event to my birthday, so it happened on the 19th.

The first hour, I felt dizzy with some difficulty to breathe because of the anxiety and I just wanted to get up and leave promptly. Instead, I focused on deep breathing, reassuring myself there was nothing dangerous or threatening. In the second hour, I was surprised to find myself focused on adding the details and being totally relaxed, enjoying the experience. I was relieved to realize I could finally paint!

I went to two other events and after that, I decided to experiment on my own. I was really excited to know that I could now paint freely, as my mind is always filled with tons of imagery and I wanted to express these on canvases.

The album cover painting I did for the electronic album "Closphère" was my first painting outside a "Paint Nite" event. The electronic music artist made another album and asked if I would do the cover again as he loved the ideas I had.

Aside from the two album covers I made, I used the therapy center workshop space for mostly experimenting with the material and art fundamentals. My lack of experience made it very long to do simple things, so, experimenting was essential. It was quite the privilege to have access to this creative space with all the art supplies.

First "Paint Nite" Event

February 19, 2017

Celebrating my birthday by facing my fear of painting.

Second "Paint Nite" Event

April 2, 2017

The cherry blossom.

Third And Last "Paint Nite" Event

April 23, 2017

London Red Phone Booth & Clock Tower

painting Debut

"Paint Nite" Events

Relaxed context to initiate myself to painting.

Second Electronic Album Cover

L'île Danse Album: This one was in April 2018

The Backstory


I always felt I should understand all the details first before I could put forth anything in the world, lest I break someone or something by my ignorance. My imagination was prolific and constrained and my heart yearned for connection and well-being for others. I always thought that it didn't matter if I suffered anything because I could figure things out. But witnessing other's pain made me feel helpless and in urgency to fix their problems before I could feel free to express anything and carry out my own life.

As a child, I often wondered what it was like to see reality through the eyes of other people. I thought that if I focused hard enough I could enter other's head to look through their eyes and then, I would be able to understand them perfectly and maybe help them feel better.

I experienced daily hallucinations of graveyard scenes that tortured my soul with confusion.

By the time I was 7, I felt numb and inhuman. I craved connection but was unable to communicate or connect to my own emotions.

My mental isolation, turmoil and terror amplified with my hunger for truth and to witness the wholesomeness for others. I felt responsable and guilty for the pain of my environment but helpless to solve anything.

Admitting My Limits

At 18, realizing my inability to communicate and interact, I figured that to tackle my social limitations, working in restaurants was my best bet since I wanted to work anyways. Studying wasn't an option I considered because my social maladapted sociability appeared to even affect my capacity to succeed in a normal education context.
I was unable to remain aware during any class lecture, my brain blacked out.

My 20's Tackling my limits

In my early 20's, I was diagnosed with a schizo-affective disorder and entered an identity crisis. While on medication, I wondered if I was only an amalgam of symptoms, left with nothing but numbness and stability, yet still, an unresolved issue of emotion disconnect. I went on and off meds, from chaotic psychosis to structured worker, searching for my identity. At the end of my 20's I grew tired of this cycle. I didn't care anymore about learning how to interact or finding my identity. I just wanted to isolate in work.

My 30's New Strategy

Weary of not making any significant progress in my journey to feeling more connected with others and with who I am, I shifted towards focusing on improving my financial health.

That's when I met who became my spouse of a 13-year relationship, the ideal partner for stability, goodwill and hard work. He's a Tunisian, so I was introduced to the Tunisian community in my city, who were for the most part, comforting to be around. I enjoyed the community spirit I felt among them and the fact that I don't speak or understand their dialect enabled me to enjoy the security of a group without having to feel the pressure to interact. I let the music of their voices sway comforting waves of shivers in my brain when the voices were pleasant to me.

We opened and operated a restaurant together for 8 years. Through the experience, I discovered abilities and interests I wouldn't have dared approaching before because I thought I wasn't fit for such skills. I discovered that I thrived most when my creativity was involved, that I loved any work being done with computers and fixing computer issues.

I still wasn't communicating much and my spouse felt lonely, hoping I would talk with him but I felt helpless and desperate despite wanting to change this.

Getting Married

We got married in October 2013, and since he always wanted children, I consulted the psychiatry maternity planning, as instructed before getting pregnant. I was referred to a therapy center for psychotic adults where I was admitted in January 2014.

Getting Pregnant

In April 2014, I got pregnant which ended in a miscarriage. From the start of my pregnancy, I had no appetite and felt exhausted. It just got worst with time and I never gave him a child. The pregnancy triggered an autoimmune disease but I didn't know at the time. I still worked very hard, 90+ hour weeks.

Major Shift

We sold the restaurant in January 2017. I was thrilled to finally be free from the restaurant and excited to start new projects but quickly realized I had to focus solely on recovering my health instead.

Now the following magical decision of facing my fear finally unlocked not only my artistic expression but also, my self discovery and awareness to better understanding of my emotions.

As a way to celebrate my 40th birthday, I attended a painting event to confront my fear of painting and it has transformed my life in an unforeseen way.

Soul emancipation Effect of Art

The fear and confusion shackles

Self-expression and identity has been a foreign and mysterious concept for a big part of my personal journey. It has been a lifetime quest to find how to genuinely connect with others and experience emotions.

It became clear why I feared painting. Expressing myself in any way has always been a huge challenge. It just made sense that doing so in painting was terrifying too because it is very explicit. Although I wanted to depict my ideas on canvas, I also feared exposing them. I also feared the reality of who I am as I thought it would alienate me even more.

The dawn of hope

In 2014, I was admitted in a therapy center for psychotic adults after a psychiatrist referred me. It has been one of the best occurrences in my life. I have one to three meetings per week, of which, there is a psychoanalytic session. It took me two years of hard work to start seeing some changes and from there, I kept having great breakthroughs that allow me to live better in relation with reality and others. There is also an art studio at the center. They believe that art is a great therapy tool. It is only in 2017 that I dared to start using it after attending "Paint Nite" Events.

Breakthrough progress

I always wanted to create more paintings, but never really got at it. When 2018 came to an end. it was time to make plans for 2019. I decided to commit to one painting per month for the whole year of 2019. I have been diligent to the task and I really enjoyed the experience; besides, I wanted to continue past 2019, and maybe, scale to two paintings a month.
What I didn't expect was that it would help my therapy. I often had an image concept in mind without knowing it's meaning. In the process of painting it, the meaning revealed itself and would keep evolving past the time of painting it.

Hard discovery to accept

My monthly paintings revealed more and more of who I really am. In October, I initiated a new topic in therapy that I thought would help solve my relationship issue with my spouse but by verbalizing, I realized that this was not something to solve but something to accept. It was hard to accept but since I was now aware of this, I had to be honest because if I stayed, I would keep hindering both our well-being. At the core, we didn't want the same out of life, despite the goodwill and respect between us, nothing was creating a real connection between us. I felt saddened and liberated, a strange combinaison of emotions. I was letting go of a relationship that has been transformative by setting the right conditions to evolve towards my self-discovery. My authenticity revealed that it was not the right relationship for us both to find true fulfillment on the long term.

I had to grieve that this 13-year relationship that served to find my truth did not align with my truth.

I will always honor this relationship for the beautiful gift it provided of security, respect, stability and care I needed to explore new things and ultimately discover my true-self.

Getting to terms reward

I figured I would never find anyone who truly aligns with my atypical nature. But I met someone with whom I feel at home, like I never felt with anyone before. Our personal growth and life projects have progressed exponentially from being together and he also contributes to help me improve my painting skills and is a great inspiration source too.

Ongoing growth journey

This has been a long journey to find my identity, my emotions and experience true connection.
The guidance I experienced between the stability of my past relationship, therapy and painting has revealed the path to my true-self, which orients the choices and actions I take for the most fulfilling and impactful life I can experience. I can trust that to be loyal to my core values will always offer what is best for others and myself.

Art's unique contribution

My past relationship that offered the best setting to explore new things has led to finding an ideal therapy center for my needs. Through this intensive psychoanalytical work at the center, it led to the initiation to painting. This final element has conveyed clarity on concepts and emotions that I had been unable to reach before.

For me, the art creative process starts mostly with intuitive images and concepts in mind, followed by the actual realization of the painting. As the physical manifestation of my idea appears, new connections occur in my spirit, bestowing a new or a deeper sense of self and emotions. This understanding enables to finally put words on notions that remained a mystery beforehand.

Words speak into existence my true self.

Art is the conduit to manifesting the artwork of authenticity.

The healing process that removes layers of walls hiding the light of truth is enhanced by the power of art. Artistic expression indentifies filters that inhibit the full assertion of the authentic spirit. 

My Purpose as an artist

My personal journey leading me to create art with paintings has opened the path to discovering who I really am.

Acknowledging and accepting who I am was difficult because it involved admitting that what I was doing and showing of myself was not aligned to what is true at my core. The disalignement would hinder further fulfillment and my potential of contribution to what matters most to me but for others involved too. Recognizing this required letting go if I wanted to be truthful, which I did. It was an act of truth and love for, because love means letting others, and myself being authentic and holding on when it hinders truth is not love but insecurity and fear.

My purpose is to be true to my awareness of what is true. My cognizance grows as I evolve. Not being perfectly coherent with my true self is normal and improves as I keep learning and refining. I use art to keep digging deeper through the clutter of habits and experiences that forged reactions that served me at the level of consciousness I had but need to be reassessed as my perception deepens.

I feel so privileged for experiencing all this and wish to offer hope and inspiration to others too, so they can also access this beautiful encounter with authenticity. The work is never finished and I still have tons of work to fully express my authenticity openly. But I'm so much more aware and growing. I'm enjoying the process.

I wish this beautiful journey to everyone and believe that if we all step aboard this adventure, the world would be so much better and healthier.

There are no quick and perfect result to expect. Just an amazing voyage of uncovering the wealth of possibilities, the power dwelling in our true-self, to create and resolve anything we need and want to offer.

It's not magic. It's fulfilling, when we trust the process.

Most of us aspire for a fulfilling life, for better quality connections, for imparting something meaningful to our community and the world. We all can, by being our true-self, as simply and complicated as it is.

This is my vision and why I'm creating Amoritz art.

Inspire living genuinely through the awareness that in authenticity dwells all the resourcefulness needed for our most fulfilling and impactful existence.

-My Vision

Shed light on the resourcefulness and creativity bestowed by authenticity, as the absolute generosity of self, enabling deeper connections.

-My Mission

Inspire embracing authenticity for a fulfilling and a meaningful life.

Art for a Cause

A special endeavor that holds dear to me since 2014, is the production of educational applications tailored for the needs of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

I was moved by this project specifically because it involved a young girl with whom communicating and connecting is extremely challenging because of her chromosomal handicap. The application I participated to create has been helpful in supporting her progress and helping her therapists and parents engaging with her.

I never had this intense level of challenge to interact with people but have been clueless to how to communicate and connect with others.

Even if I'm able to speak, I have been incapable to connect with my own emotions and desires for the longest time and would be very withdrawn.

It has been a lifelong journey to develop social skills and understanding who I really am. Having this opportunity to help other people with their own challenges to communicate and connect with others has impressed me so intensely that I cannot forget about it.

Unfortunately, for lack of participants, no other apps were made.


This is how I got hooked to pursue this mission, with the array of other apps imagined by the therapists and caregivers, that will help young people with disabilities in their development.

At first, I wanted to learn coding but for various reasons, I didn't devote myself to this learning.

This year 2022, while preparing my online art gallery shop, I got a better idea.

I can bring awareness to this cause, create new connections to carry it into reality and even use part of my sales to fund the development of apps by a professional programmer.

I also will develop special products and art pieces for which all proceeds will finance it.

My art's effect on other's

Although I realize I never asked what my paintings inspires for other's, I know it triggers a certain viceral reaction.

Some have said how they love my unique way of portraying concepts, others how they find it dreamlike and captivating, and how they never saw imagery concepts like this elsewhere.

True to my habits, I don't ask questions by my perception of decency. But I'd love to know more precisely what my artwork reveals to them and provides them. Does it bring anything distinctive, a reflective opportunity, inspiration towards well-being? Or maybe something unexpected?

Let me know what it does for you if anything. I would love to connect with you and see the parallel between your insights and mine offered by my paintings.

Human Mortality

David Kaspar

I got a metal print of "Glimmer of Life".

“Maryse Gauthier’s ‘Glimmer of Life’ presents a fresh perspective on human mortality. Its eerily warm skull is teeming with vitality. I know that this work shall serve as my very own memento mori.”

Cosmic and dreamlike!

Michael McGuffin

I got a framed paper print of "Patient Expansion".

Amoritz's art evokes a kind of darkness that doesn't quite scare the viewer,
but instead invites us to play, to lose a bit of balance and drift on the edge of a dream.
She is an original spirit weaving a unique tapestry of the subconscious made visible.

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