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I provide funding to help children and youth with disabilities develop their communication and learning skills.

I currently contribute 15% of all my art sales profits.

Every human deserves to express the best of themselves.

Humanity deserves to benefit from every individual's unique potential.

Having specifically designed support makes all the difference in the world for challenged youth.

  • It enhances their well-being, capacity to interact and live a fulfilling life. 
  • It breaks isolation and enables the expression of the treasure every individual holds in their soul. They can experience the joy of contributing their abilities to their family and community.

How this became my mission

In my own development, I was misinterpreted, manipulated and abused by my lack of communication. 

Incapable of understanding how to interact with humans and understand the social dynamics, it even affected my ability to follow class lectures and I was labeled with severe learning disabilities. I decided finish at adult schooling because it was better adapted to my way of learning. Self-paced, no lectures, more of a self-taught style.

I knew that if I wanted to accomplish anything in life, I first needed to adapt socially. 

I chose to work in restaurants to educate myself on this matter because I viewed this workplace as a social laboratory to observe a variety of human interactions to learn from and practice daily.

I was diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder in my early 20's which might help to explain my struggles.

In 2014, I got the opportunity to participate in a project to develop an iOS app for a young girl with severe learning disabilities, because of a chromosomal handicap, for whom it was proven that specially designed tablet apps were helpful in her education.

This app project, due to a lack of ongoing participation and funds, was not pursued. 

Yet, it has the potential to help youth with intellectual disabilities and autism, just to name those. Numerous rehabilitation and education centers would benefit from these tools.

Since that experience, I've been compelled to find a way to bring this project to life and I just realized that my art business is a perfect opportunity to achieve this goal.

Art has the power to bring awareness AND fund this cause.

I'm in the process of creating a non-profit organization to make this official and allow people to contribute directly to this mission.

I'll make a public announcement when it's ready.

As for now, 15% of profits from all my art sales contribute to the advancement of this cause. 

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