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CAD $9.95/mo
VIP Potential Tier
VIP Potential Tier

VIP Potential Tier

CAD $9.95/mo
A community of surrealistic art lovers to explore themes of personal growth for a meaningful authentic life.
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A community of surrealistic art lovers to explore themes of personal growth for a meaningful authentic life.

Here are the benefits provided for this tier.

Personalized Thank You video within two weeks of subscription - you’re extremely important to me! 

Monthly reward categories.

One reward per month from each of these categories:
Access rewards.
An access/insight reward provides additional insight into my creative process.
5-minute vlogs. Here are ideas of vlog topics you might find:
  • Mistakes in art
  • Week's art frustrations
  • Week's art triumphs & fears
  • Week's things I created or didn't create
  • Week's inspiration and lessons learned
  • A new sketch and it's story
  • Tour of my studio material and installations
  • Film myself creating a new piece
  • Film myself creating a how-to of a small area of the piece
  • Recorded commentary for a recent work
  • Share methods I use to produce content
Other video types with different time durations:
  • Sneak peeks of projects
  • Time lapse of my process
  • Access to uncut material or deleted scenes
  • Live-stream of me creating art
Engagement rewards.
An engagement benefit offers the opportunity to interact with me directly.
  • Vote on your favorite art piece.
  • Vote for your favorite product ideas.
  • Vote on specific details for the creation of a new product before launch.
Digital rewards.
A digital reward offers an instant art gratification!
  • Social media filters
  • Spotify music playlist listened to while creating
  • Patterns (to transform in clothing, accessories, merch, wallpaper, use in digital design)
  • Social media and wallpaper graphics of quotes and poems
  • Animated GIFs
  • Social media templates
Physical rewards.
A physical reward is always exciting to receive, admit it!
  • Monthly mailed hand-signed art postcards

Bonus reward category based on individual results.

Referral rewards.
A referral reward enables you to benefit directly from sharing art you love!
Rewards are delivered on the basis of sales generated through the unique member's referral share link.


You will need to provide your address so you can receive any physical reward sent to members.
Charges are in Canadian currency.
You can request a refund within 3 days of subscribing only.

In your membership account, if you decide you prefer another tier, you will be able to switch your tier membership for the next month renewal.
You will also be able to cancel anytime and won't be charged on the next scheduled billing date.