Psychology Paintings


  • Passionate artist of the mind
  • Specializing in showcasing the complexities of the mind via powerful, one-off custom artwork

I can provide you with:

A unique, exclusive commissioned acrylic artwork designed just for you

A premium art experience to deliver a powerful painting that represents your area of expertise

A tailored, thought-provoking piece of art that you and your clients will cherish forever

How it works

Briefing session

We begin with a VIP briefing session where I extract the spirit of your painting

Initial concept

4 weeks later, I present your initial concept and we discuss of any necessary adjustments

Unveiling the painting

8 weeks later, you are presented with your unique artwork ready to hang in your office space, home or use as your zoom background.

How your art is delivered

Premium package

You receive your premium packaged artwork framed along with...

Art identity

A metallic plaque on the frame containing the artwork title

Certificate of authenticity

An NFT Certificate of Authenticity that certifies the painting is genuine and authentic

Art story

A framed written poem of the concept (to hang alongside if you wish)


I will create for you a complete package of wallpaper images with the perfect resolutions needed to fit any mobile device and computer screen.

During our briefing, I will present you other physical products to choose from 2 items to print on the artwork.

a few Case studies

Discover the following examples from the previous beneficiaries of the art experience I provide.

Thyroid madness


To illustrate the concept of thyroid illness for an established endocrinologist


The desert with the parched earth as well as the dead trees represents the loss of vitality and the sense of not being able to recover the energy, feeling it is forever extinguished.

The physical experience of dry skin, loss of hair, fragile nails everything dries up.

The snail illustrates the is in slow brain processing through brain fog as the far off dead tree perceived through the gloomy haze.

The lonesome snail in this vast space demonstrates the loneliness felt in this condition.

The sun turning to ice denotes the persisting chilliness felt daily.

The Phoenix, a mythological bird, is a bird which consumes itself to regenerate. Unfortunately, he is slowly snuffed out definitely starting from it's tail transitioning to smoke. The Phoenix will not renew this time and carries with it the butterfly symbol of the thyroid.



To illustrate the cover album of an electronic music album. The cover was inspired by listening to the whole album.


There is a close correlation between the music with cycles, flow, transitions and sequences we naturally find everywhere in nature, including the elements, seasons, organs...
Everything is composed and united uniquely, with the same components, despite any alleged incongruency at first sight, harmony persists to reclaim it's dominance.



To illustrate the concept of truth.

I started a project to illustrate with a painting 5 core values that a person holds. One of the person I asked her core values has truth in her set.


Truth is a concept that might seem simple and complex at once. Simple when we think that one thing has to be one or the other but complex as we judge by our perceptions of reality. These perceptions are most likely skewed by many factors but also very limited in various aspects. Absolute truth might not be readily accessible depending of the topic but one might aim to live one's life as true to what their perception allows. Our senses are limited as there is so much that we cannot perceive, nonetheless, our lack of senses does not define the existence of things.

As for the truth that we access remains the dilemma of embracing or denying. It will consume us or light our way. Truth floats right around but we're not always ready to face it and we need time to evolve before we are able to assimilate it.

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