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Showcase your offers to generate results for you and your audience from your own website with a clear purpose, a user-friendly design with effecient performance and responsiveness to any device.

Get a great website with no hassle or headaches.

Who I can help

I work with businesses online or brick & mortar for e-commerce, blogging, vlogging, recipe website, artist's website, service business, for owners who want to serve and contribute.

A new website costs between $500 and $20,000.

Every website I create is required to adhere to a monthly recurring care plan to choose from 3 tiers.

You can change the tier anytime.

All tiers come with monthly optimization which includes:

  1. A monthly report
  2. Up to date legal pages
  3. Security monitoring
  4. Uptime monitoring
  5. Monthly performance assessment
  6. WordPress and plugin updates and database optimization
  7. Site backups and retention
  8. Diagnostic and technical support coverage
  9. Website migration to a new domain
  10. Exclusive discount on these services with adherence to all care plans

Tier pricing




Monthly optimization

30 minutes of content updates




Monthly optimization

Unlimited content updates




Monthly optimization

Once a month I go through your website and will offer an update suggestion as I always learn new things and new ways to do things. You will also benefit from any new features and designs.

contact us

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330 Avro Ave, Point-Claire, QC, H9R 5W5, Canada

418 478-5764